Wednesday, 30 January 2008

LAMP: The mailing lists you *SHOULD* be subscribed to.

The LAMP stack consists of some complicated software, and this software from time to time will develop faults and security flaws. How do you keep yourself informed? Hope that the issues crop up on Digg, Slashdot? Well the best way is to join the Announce lists for each of the LAMP stack components.

The Announce lists are used by the developers of the different components of the LAMP stack to keep users informed of important events, like when a security flaw emerges or a new version of there software is released, etc.

The lists

The first one is dependent on the GNU/Linux distribution your running, in my case it is Archlinux, so I've subscribed to:

Next in the LAMP stack is Apache, and you can find its Announce list here:

For MySQL:

And PHP:

And lastly, considering that SSH is the primary form of entry to my systems (and most likely yours) I am subscribed to the OpenSSL and OpenSSH mailing lists:

Final points

Now, subscribing to these lists in no way secures you from attack, but it should give you a fighting chance. When bugs / security issues do crop up you will need to take the necessary action, which should be as simple as upgrading the relevant software. But be prepared to build replacement packages from source if your GNU/Linux distribution is slow to release an updated package.

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